What now?

Why does this blog exist?

I'm sick of the anti-progress crowd wrapping themselves in a blanket of tradition and so-called tax-payer responsibility.

I'm sick of a mayor with no vision or plan for the future of this city.

Halifax has a choice: remain wrapped in quaintness, or become a dynamic city of the 21st century.

Do we want our city to become a "what it was" or "a what it could be"?

Some of the most creative and forward thinking people in the world live here.

But not for long, not if we don't change.

50% is not 83%
So the old Daily News ran 2 on line polls.

Here's the results of the first one.

Given Mayor Peter Kelly's handling of Halifax 's 2014 Commonwealth Games bid, are you more or less likely to vote for him in the next municipal election?

* More (47%)
* Less (42%)
* Undecided (12%)


I don't believe that's the result that he thought he'd get.

As a reminder, in the last civic election, waaaay back in 2004, Windsock scored 84% of the popular vote.

This isn't looking good.

The second one stated:

Who would you vote for mayor if a municipal election was held today?

* Peter Kelly (50%)
* Sheila Fougere (17%)
* Susan Uteck (10%)
* None of the above (22%)

Let's ignore the fact that the Daily News threw in Sue Uteck, just to split the vote, and the Mayor only scores 50% of the poll.

I think that the next election will be one of change.

A city leader with vision is unstoppable.

Their enthusiasm and belief in the future can lift whole communities to new heights, motivate people to see beyond their own street corners and open the future to our children.

We, as citizens of this city, have to stop navel-gazing and understand that the world is changing.

If we don't take action now, we will end up as the Nursing Home of the nation.
Remember Vision is the Key.

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A House Divided Against Itself....

Someone forwarded me an email from a Council Member to Mayor Windsock...

Emperor Kelly:

I request an audience with you, your Highness to VENT... you must realize that due process was circumvented. Council as a whole was held in contempt. A total disregard to our integrity as elected officials. I feel I was just " School-Boarded". Yesterday's logistics for a press conference, news release and speech in hand was 'all in the can', ready to go.

We even had four NS Cabinet ministers in City Hall while we debated. (Barry Barnet, Murray Scott, Len Goucher & Chris D'Entremont ) They all should have been invited in the hear our rationale and concerns. You
sir, screened and isolated them from us intentionally. Out of respect even you should have invited them in. And all of this could have happened even before the premature press release occurred.

I avoided all media calls today. BUT I believe that you need to apology to us all. AND do not give me the line of respecting taxpayers because we all do ! Sir, with all due respect you too have a responsibility to us as a Council. Don't play us like a numbers game ...

You claim to have just one vote, but at times it seems more like a veto.

I remain.... frustrated and disgusted > Respectfully >

I think we are starting to see the Balkanization of the Council.

Mayor's Supporters to the right.

Dissenters to the left

I can't wait for the next meeting...

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Do it, Big S!

Right on!

I think Mayor Windsock may find Hurricane Sheila a little too much to bear!

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Peter Kelly, What the H is Going On?

More about the dropping the CWG bid after I bleach out my eyes from watching that little smug troll Bruce Devenne taking "personal credit" for destroying the games.

I'd rather take this time to talk about our dear leader Mayor "Windsock" Kelly.

Famous for taking the stand of least resistance, he outdid himself over the last 48 hrs.

I think he suddenly realized that the CWG were going to take vision and courage, and lacking either, he panicked.

Let's look at the time-line of events, shall we?


-He is made aware of a new $1.3b budget, and given assurances that it could be reduced to $1b in a week.
Also Wednesday

- Don Mills challenges Mayor Windsock in public  to stand up for the CWG.

Later that night

- Windsock calls emergency Council Meeting.

-He then calls a press conference to follow WITHOUT informing council.

Thursday morning 

- Council meets, Windsock puts forward a motion to defeat the games

- Councilors never shown economic impact report

- Appears the majority of council will agree to wait to the scheduled review day

- Provincial Press Release "mistakenly" released just in time to render Council's decision moot

- Sensing the "shell game" that has just occured and that proper procedure and democracy are defeated by Windsock, several members rightfully leave

- Windsock has press conference, pounds on podium, and rants about Don Mills.

 - Continues to quote $1.7b bid, knowing full well other options were available

Friday morning

-Nothing has changed in HRM


Why did Windsock find it necessary to move the review date forward?

Why did he act as a dictator and throw proper procedure and democracy out the window?

It must be comforting to the members of council to know that the tough decision was being taken out of their hands, and that Windsock was good enough to schedule a press conference the night before to announce "their" decision.

I have voted for Peter Kelly in every election, and disregarded those who called him a "caretaker" or a "mayor without vision".

But now I realize that the only vision he has, is how to keep his path to re-election clear.

Well, I think he'll be surprised how much of an issue, his idea of vision is, in the next election.

Bravo to the ones brave enough to leave!

More on them later.

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Bruce is getting ready to run......
Imagine him on channel 10
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